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"During preparation and production for my feature film Black Violet, day in and day out, Kayli demonstrated her commitment to excellence both on a personal and professional level. 


Beginning with the audition process, it was immediately apparent that Kayli is an amazing talent as she navigated difficult scenes with a combination of impeccable technique and intuition. After conducting wide ranging auditions and considering dozens of actors for the role, many with representation from major talent agencies and long lists of feature credits, Kayli still impressed us enough to win the lead.


During production, Kayli demonstrated command of a broad range of skills in a complex and challenging role. Her outstanding work is sure to be noticed by the industry as she truly shined. She brought her character to life in a way that exceeded my expectations and contributed value to our film while easing the rigors of production with her consistent positive attitude and professionalism.


It was clear to me while working with her, that she is totally dedicated to her profession. As I mentioned, she auditions wonderfully, but more importantly, she takes the initiative to do all the difficult work behind the scenes that is often overlooked by young actors, and creates separation between the talented and the successful. She puts in the long hours on her own time, and she is constantly working to improve and excel at her craft. It all shows in her outstanding work. 


Kayli is highly intelligent and has outstanding reading comprehension. She understands nuance and subtext in challenging material with minimal direction. She was able to impeccably translate the work we did in pre-production to the screen to achieve a layered and sophisticated performance. Her preparation and command of the material made working with her a joyous experience. She was focused and delivered take after take of amazing work. Moreover she was pleasant, charming and dependable above and beyond the call of duty. I can speak for the entire crew and production team when I say that we are her enthusiastic supporters and would work with her again in a heartbeat."


- Istvan Varady (Award Winning Writer, Director & Producer)

"Our Casting Director, Amy Cohen, discovered Kayli Tran for one of the leads in our feature thriller Black Violet. Kayli is a wonderful actress who is a pleasure to have on set.  Not only is she a great actress who was able to deliver what we wanted and needed repeatedly, but she is also professional in every sense of the word.  We look forward working with her again."

- Robert Smith (Producer of Black Violet)

"Kayli is an amazing actress. She played the lead on a series I directed - and she stole the show.  What was a simple character on the page became a living breathing interesting person on the screen. Kayli's instincts are incredible, and her talent and training shine through. She takes direction well and is an amazing collaborator. I had so much fun working with her - and can't wait to do it again."

- Greg Francis (Director of Married With Secrets and Blood Relatives)

"I am a film director and have worked on many commercials and directed quite a few projects myself. I had the pleasure of working with Kayli Tran on two different projects. In both projects, Kayli has taken direction quite well in such a short period of time. As soon as she is given the script, she quickly adapts to any scene or scenario that is given to her. For example, I recently shot a trailer for a crowdfunding campaign. It was thrown at her at the last minute and she owned the character right away; she came to all the rehearsals on time and interacted with her co-stars really well. I see a bright future ahead of her and will love to keep working with her on future projects." 


- Natalie Dominguez (Writer, Director & Producer)



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