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Level Up! Career Coaching

Do you struggle with launching your acting career? Do you feel lost and don’t know how to take your career to the next level? Are you frustrated with the lack of clarity and mentorship in this industry? 


Well it’s not by chance that you’ve come to the right place. I’m so glad that you’ve found me because it means you’re ready. You’re ready to make major changes; you’re ready to level up!

With the Level Up! Career Coaching, I’m here to help you with…

  • Creating a customized game plan tailored to your goals and momentum

  • Crafting a to-do list of easy yet super impactful actions during your sessions

  • Providing multiple sessions to check in, stay accountable and increase success rate

  • Gaining a much clearer view of your career path to reach each milestone

  • Finding your superpower strengths to enhance and elevate your career path

  • If you can dream it, you can do it! And if you can do it, you will get there sooner rather (10+ years) later!

  • Here to help you reach YOUR goals. Rooting for you and your success! 💪

Schedule your personal coaching session today and start making changes!

Yes! I'm excited to make changes today!

Yay! You're on your way to leveling up your career! Be on the lookout for my Welcome Email so we can get you started.

30 minute sessions over Zoom

    Level 1  -  3 sessions $300

    Level 2  -  6 sessions $550*

    Level 3  -  9 sessions $800*

*recommended level to start seeing results

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